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Katrina McBride

Why Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ever felt like your message gets lost in the online noise? I know I have. But then I discovered the power of Facebook ads. They’re like a secret weapon that gets your message seen by the right people, even when it feels like everyone’s talking at once. 

Since using them, my business and my clients revenue has skyrocketed – it’s like magic! 

If you want to stand out and grow fast, Facebook ads are the way to go.

My Clients Winning Results


"I can't thank Katrina and The Advert Elixir enough for the impact they've had on my business. Their strategic approach to Facebook ads not only helped us reach a wider audience but also increased our revenue substantially. Katrina's personalised guidance and attention to detail made all the difference. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with The Advert Elixir."

L Kelly

Katrina's mastery of Facebook ads catapulted our business to new heights. Her targeted campaigns resulted in a 150% increase in website traffic and a doubling of our online sales within just a month. Working with The Advert Elixir was the best investment we've made for our digital marketing strategy.

Doyle & Co

Working with the advert elixir our Facebook ads not only generated high-quality leads but also significantly boosted our Instagram following. Her strategic approach and creative campaigns captured the attention of our target audience, resulting in a 200% increase in leads and a 50% growth in our Instagram followers. It completely changed our social media presence.

Katrina Facebook Ads

Your Expert Facebook & Instagram Ads Coach

Hey there, savvy entrepreneur and digital marketers! Congratulations on making the best decision for your business by landing here. With over a decade of honing my skills in Facebook ads and a proven track record of driving remarkable results, I’m thrilled to welcome you aboard.

Whether you’re craving exponential growth in sales, an enviable online presence, or simply ready to take your business to dazzling new heights, scheduling an appointment today is the first step towards realising your dreams.

Let’s dive in and make some magic happen together!”

– Katrina 🙂

Ad Magic: Craft Winning Campaigns with a 1:1 Hour Consultation

Don’t waste hours Googling for the answers you need. In our exclusive 1:1 consultation, I’ll be your personal guide for Ad optimisation, tailoring strategies to suit your unique business goals.

Gain insider insights, practical tips, and real-time feedback to transform your ads into captivating experiences that drive results.

With Ads Magic, you’ll wield the power to captivate your audience, boost your ROI, and unleash the full potential of your advertising efforts. Let’s make your ads sparkle and shine – book your consultation today!

Facebook Ads Coaching Ireland

1:1 Ads Magic €100

Ads Academy

Welcome to The Advert Elixir’s Ads Academy, where you’ll find comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Group Coaching & Courses.

As a recognised industry leader, I offer practical expertise and tailored guidance to help you navigate the world of social media effectively.

Join our community of motivated individuals who are committed to enhancing their online presence. With limited spots available, our program fills up quickly, providing participants with personalised attention and actionable strategies for success.

Join the waitlist today and get ready to transform your social media skills!

Facebook Ads Academy

Join the Waitlist for Ads Academy

Ad Accelerator: Accelerate Your Growth with Our Facebook Ads Service

Experience unparalleled growth and visibility with our Ad Accelerator Done-for-You Facebook and Instagram Ads service. Entrust your advertising strategy to seasoned professionals who craft compelling campaigns tailored to your brand and audience.

With our proven track record, clients consistently see significant boosts in reach, engagement, and conversions. Precision-targeted ads speak directly to your ideal customers, driving action and propelling your business forward.

Don’t settle for mediocre results – choose our Ad Accelerator service and elevate your advertising game to new heights, where success isn’t just a possibility, it’s a guarantee.

Talk to us today about Ads Accelerator from €600*

*monthly, min 3 months contract

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